Birchills Church of England Community Academy

Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact


At Birchills Church of England Community Academy we have a highly motivating, carefully designed sequential curriculum where revisiting learning is key and lessons are planned with learning beyond the classroom at the forefront.


We use all of our school grounds as our learning spaces including our Forest School, welcome visitors, have an in-depth knowledge of our local area and deepen our education by travelling further afield.  This develops our self-esteem and confidence, helping us to build positive, respectful relationships within our school, community and wider world and helping us to work towards a ‘greener’ tomorrow.


Through a strong commitment to Christian values, we are spiritual and explore beliefs and feelings to learn about ourselves knowing that we can all succeed.  We develop our use of the English language through vocabulary, spelling and grammar, writing and oracy.  We are inquisitive and learn through investigation and application of skills to real-life challenges.


We are curious about the arts and culture of our nation and of the world and learn about our environment and how it has been shaped by humans; the plant and animal kingdoms; and dynamic and physical processes.  We are interested in how significant people, places, events and inventions have caused the world to change and how this change has occurred over time.


We are inspired by exceptional creativity and express our ideas imaginatively. We learn about the law and democracy debating ethical and moral issues.  We prepare ourselves for the future using technology for a range of purposes.