Birchills Church of England Community Academy

Key Stage Two


The vision for our Key Stage 2 curriculum at Birchills Church of England Primary Academy is to provide our children with the skills, knowledge, values and understanding that will equip them for their future lives. We want our school to be a place where they can nurture their talents and abilities. But we also want to foster in them a sense of belonging and connectedness, starting with school and home, radiating out to the local area, Britain and then the World. It is our intention to present all children at our school a rich, varied and engaging curriculum.


Our topics are wide ranging, so to help the children focus on the most important aspects of what they are learning we have developed what we call "Sticky Learning" where we review knowledge from previous weeks, previous terms and previous years to ensure that we are constantly reviewing and revisiting what we have learnt.



As well as Geography, History and Science; Drama, Dance, Art, Music and Sport are vital parts of our curriculum. We believe that we should offer every child the chance to develop their talents and pursue their interests.


Please visit our Year Group pages to find out more about what we teach and when and ways that you can support your children at home.