Birchills Church of England Community Academy

Local Academy Committee 

Birchills Church of England Community Academy

Local Academy Committee 2018/19


The Local Academy Committee consists of the following members:




  • Mrs H Hastings MBE – Chair of Governors
  • Father I Templeton
  • Councillor T Jukes 
  • Mrs V Johnston
  • K Patel



  • vacancy
  • vacancy




  • Mrs B. Williams – Principal
  • Mrs K. Taplin
  • Mrs E Solomon



  • Mrs D Smith

The Local Academy Committee and our sponsor, CECET, regularly check the impact of finances, teaching/learning and examination results. For more details or if you would like to meet the governors, please contact us.

The Local Academy Committee's responsibilities include:

  • school standards;
  • staff appointments;
  • care and maintenance of the school building;
  • the school budget;
  • conduct;
  • the curriculum of the school.​
If you wish to contact any of the academy committee you may do so via the school office by telephone or letter.
We cannot give out the committee's personal contact information, but would be happy to pass on any letters for you. Please mark your sealed envelope, "FAO Chair of Governors" and hand it into the office.

CECET Governor Code of Practice

Annual Governor's Statement

Declaration of Business Interest

CECET Scheme of Declaration