Birchills Church of England Community Academy

Story Zone

  • A Story Before Bed  - There are many charming and beautifully illustrated children's books at this site, which includes an ample free selection. In addition, with payment for individual books or subscription you can even record yourself reading to your child. Highly recommended.  (Jun. 2010)
  • BAB Books On-Line Stories For Kids - A nice selection of stories written and illustrated by different people. Also has an "Adlib" area where you can create your own funny story.  (Mar. 2008)
  • Bedtime-Story - Whimsical bedtime stories for children of all ages.
  • Bikesters - This unique site has motorcycle stories with so many illustrations that they read like a comic book. For older children/young adult.  (Jun. 2001)
  • - Highly recommended web site with stories written by Stephen Cosgrove. The stories here are exquisite -- include lovely music and are professionally written and drawn. The interactive games are delightful. Flash or basic programming options.  (Jun. 2001)
  • Chateau Meddybemps - Humorous stories and entertaining content.  (Jan. 2000)
  • Children's Books Online: the Rosetta Project - The largest collection of illustrated antique children's books online.  (Mar. 2003)
  • Light Up Your Brain - Nice selection of audio stories. This site also has fun games and music.  (Sep. 2001)
  • Walks with Red Dog - Stories by Jim Conrad. A site for young adults. Well-written experiences of a man's relationship with his dog. For older children and adults who like simplicity and wisdom.  (Jun. 2001)
  • Wired for Books - Well done dramatic audio production of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll free online.  (Jun. 2001)

Books with Pictures/Audio

  • BBCi - Cute animated stories for young children.  (Mar. 2003)

School Storybook Sites

  • Room 108 - Fun stories with animation and music, some by students. Reading, picture books, singing, math activities,

Popular Sites

  • AT&T Labs-Research - Multi-Lingual Text-To-Speech (TTS). Type some words and hear them spoken!  (Mar. 2003)
  • - Visitors can explore the exciting world of butterflies by visiting The Butterfly Site's dozen butterfly topics, tons of butterfly links, contests, and awards.  (Jun. 2001)
  • Communication with Parrots - Parrots are smarter than we think!
  • Here Be Dragons - Imaginative site all about dragons by Jennifer Walker. Includes exquisite artwork.
  • Stories from the Web - This site encourages children's participation with their own stories, reviews and Web club. Cute site with lots to do.  (Jun. 2001)
  • Zelo - A large selection of nursery rhymes.  (Mar. 2003)

Games, Cartoons, etc.

  • for Kids - Mysteries to solve, scary stories, magic tricks and contests  (Jul. 2000)
  •, by Karen - Math games, jigsaw puzzles and fun things to do for young children.  (Mar. 2003)
  • Cyke, Cyber Knowledge and Emotion - This site has fun interactive games for young children as well as animated stories. They accept story submittals from adults and children.  (Jul. 2001)
  • - Fun games with educational value.
  • FunSchool - Excellent games -- many are educational. This site has pop-up banners.  (Jan. 2000)
  • - Cute site. Learn keyboard typing online. Child friendly -- beginner to advanced levels.  (Mar. 2003)
  • - Accepts original poetry from children.  (Jul. 2000)
  • Mathematics Lessons - Learn math with fun games.  (Mar. 2003)
  • Seussville - Play games and order Dr. Seuss merchandise
  • Up-to-10 Internet for Kids - Excellent animated games that are educational as well as entertaining. French and Spanish versions also.  (Jul. 2000)

Colouring Books

Educational and Help with Homework

  • A+ Math - Flash cards online.  (Mar. 2003)
  • Academy of Achievement - Huge collection of illustrated information about leaders, discoverers and creators who shape the world.  (Mar. 2003)
  • Dr. Labush's Links to Learning - Many excellent links for students, teachers and parents.  (Jun. 2001)
  • EZSchool - Lots of great links.  (Jul. 2000)
  • Fact Monster - Learning Network's kid's almanac, dictionary and encyclopedia and much more!  (Jul. 1999)
  • Honey Bee Research at the University of Arizona - All about bees. Interesting free information plus you can pay for lesson plans (grades K-12).  (Mar. 2003)
  • - This site has a lot of fun games and interesting facts about astronomy.  (Jun. 2001)
  • - Cute site for young children. Click a letter of the alphabet to hear its name and see a picture.  (Mar. 2003)
  • Rhyme Zone - Type in a word to find its rhymes, synonyms, definitions, and more.  (Mar. 2003)
  • Merriam-Webster's Word Central - Look up words (fast) in the Student Dictionary.  (Mar. 2003)
  • Spartacus Educational - Historical pictures and articles.  (Jul. 2000)

Teacher Resources

  • EduLinksUK - Vast amount of links about art or subjects related to art. From simple to sophisticated.  (Mar. 2003)
  • Enchanted Learning - Fabulous for teachers. Includes science pages, Mother Goose rhymes, great music pages, activities, and printouts - Asks for $20 (or donation) as a voluntary membership fee to support the site.  (Mar. 2003)
  • McGraw Hill - Education. Teaching Methods, web resources  (Mar. 2003)
  • School Grants - K-12 grant opportunities. SchoolGrants was created in 1999 as a way to share grant information with PK-12 educators. Grant writing can be intimidating to those who are new at it. SchoolGrants helps ease those fears by providing online tips to those who need them. NOTE: SchoolGrants does not have information about daycare grants, private school scholarships, and/or tuition assistance for individual students. They also do not have information about how for-profit organizations can find grant opportunities.  (Jul. 2000)
  • - Hundreds of free reading worksheets covering phonics and vocabulary building are available here for teachers and parents.  (Jun. 2001)
  • Teacher Stuff - Resources for education, teacher lesson plans, teacher resources, home schooling and much more!  (Jan. 2000)
  • The Teacher's Guide - Free lesson plans and lots more.  (Mar. 2003)


  • - Phonics. Important site for information and links about phonics. Free info.  (Jan. 2000)
  • Misunderstood Minds - Excellent article about difficulties with reading.  (Mar. 2003)
  • Rayment's Learn to Read Method - Interesting article about a method for teaching reading that is simple, easy to do and free.  (Mar. 2003)


Children's Links Sites

  • Children's Books Central - Has internet resources related to books for children and young adults. A meta site for the writers, readers, collectors, illustrators, librarians, teachers, parents, publishers, printers, storytellers and kids.  (Nov. 1998)
  • Super Sites for Kids - Links for teens, parents, preschool, elementary. Links to over 100 online games  (Mar. 2003)