Birchills Church of England Community Academy

Welcome to Year 5

Walnut                                              Chestnut

                            Mr Potts and Mrs Gahkal                     Mrs Dail and Miss Wright 

Curriculum Overview 



School day

School opens at 8.30. Between 8.30 to 8.55 am children complete their Literacy and Numeracy DINTs (Do it now tasks; comments that have been left from the previous day by the teacher or teaching assistant). Completion of these tasks are really important. It helps the teacher to assess your child’s understanding of the work completed the previous day.

Please ensure children arrive at school promptly, wearing the correct uniform and with the equipment needed for that day.


Our PE day is on Tuesdays


All children have a home reading book and should take it home every night and bring it back every morning. Having their reading books in school is important as it allows the year 5 staff to listen to children read.

Please listen to your children read every night for at least 10 minutes and then ask them questions about what they have read. This will support your children and help them to develop comprehension skills and their understanding of the text. There are a variety of questions on a sheet in the back of their home reading record.

Learning Environment

Our classrooms are rich learning environments. We add to our Maths and Literacy walls every week to demonstrate and support children’s learning. We have our own Art Gallery outside the year 5 classroom which demonstrates the children’s creative and imaginative skills. We started the year off by celebrating 100 years of Roald Dahl. We created a BFG display with dream jars. This was also the theme used to update our Year 5 Writing Walk display.


Reading: Every night – 10 minutes minimum – reading book and reading record must be in school every day. Please sign your child’s book once finished so that we can change their book.

Once a week your children must also answer three questions in their home reading record about the book they are reading.

Maths: times tables every night

Maths homework – given out on a Friday and due back the following Wednesday.

Literacy: handwriting – one page every night – must be returned to school every day.

Literacy homework: given out on a Friday and due back the following Wednesday.

Spellings: ten spellings are given to the children every week to learn. They go out with homework on a Friday and they are tested on those ten spellings the following Friday.

Please encourage your child to complete homework to a high standard. It will then be displayed on the Year 5 Homework display board. 

Can you recommend any good websites for your class page? Share them with your teacher!

LITERACY - comprehension game for Cosmic

FablesThe Boy Who Cried Wolf

The Town Rat and the Country Rat

The Hare and the Tortoise



Hit The Button 

Practise number bonds, times tables and division facts.

 Cashing in - a game to find the correct coins to make a given amount


Tables games

Chinese Dragon Game Order numbers from 0 to 1000 and from 1000 to 0.

Polygon Playground Explore symmetry and tessellation.

Ghost Buster 3

Pyramid addition

addition machine 

Bitesize K.S.2

Bitesize K.S.1

Topic Box

Skills wise


On-line Safety information



Life Cycles Learn the names of different parts of a flower.