Birchills Church of England Community Academy

Welcome to Our Nursery


Mrs Taplin

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Homework will be sent home on Friday. Please return to school on Monday.


On Monday, your child will be issued with a book to read at home. It will be swapped for a new book every week upon return.


Nursery will have P.E. on ThursdayPlease send your child into Nursery wearing their P.E. kit - you can find more details on our School P.E. kit by clicking here.

Supporting Your Child At Home

  • Read every day - Reading is very important; it enriches vocabulary, improves writing skills and develops imagination.
  • Counting in different ways will help build early number skills: count the stairs, plates at meal times, cars in the street... there are so many ways that you can count!
  • Explore the outdoor area - this can improve physical skills, observation skills, language and self-awareness.
  • Talk about the days of the week, weather and special times in the year, for example, birthdays, Eid, Christmas, Diwali, other special Family events and celebrations.

Nursery Key Text

In Nursery, we think that it's very important to read to the children every day. We read lots of different stories, but we have some very special books that we read throughout the year, which are our "Nursery Key Text". You can click on our Key Text stories below to show them to your child at home: