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Mrs Taplin

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Our Topics in Nursery

Autumn 1  

Starting Nursery / All About Me

Autumn 2

Changing Seasons and Celebrations

Spring 1

People Who Help Us

Spring 2 

Creatures Great and Small

Summer 1 

Our Wonderful World

Summer 2



Homework will be sent home on Friday. Please return to school on Monday.


On Monday, your child will be issued with a book to read at home. It will be swapped for a new book every week upon return.


Nursery will have P.E. on Wednesday. Please send your child into Nursery wearing their P.E. kit - you can find more details on our School P.E. kit HERE.

Supporting Your Child At Home

  • Read every day - Reading is very important; it enriches vocabulary, improves writing skills and develops imagination.
  • Counting in different ways will help build early number skills: count the stairs, plates at meal times, cars in the street... there are so many ways that you can count!
  • Explore the outdoor area - this can improve physical skills, observation skills, language and self-awareness.
  • Talk about the days of the week, weather and special times in the year, for example, birthdays, Eid, Christmas, Diwali, other special Family events and celebrations.